Safety, Security, and Social Engineering

Jeff McKissack

One of the biggest data security risks facing legal technologists today is the ever-changing human factor.

Despite all the technological advancements and enhancements, none of it matters when your people walk into the world carrying a device with access to sensitive information, take information home, or allow the wrong people access to your offices. This session will explore the issues of social engineering and offer suggestions to mitigate risk exposing your organization to liability and litigation.

Jeff McKissack
Defense by Design

About Jeff

Jeff McKissack is a nationally recognized speaker on the topics of physical, data, and reputational risks. He began his career working with an investigative reporter for 20/20, Sixty Minutes, and NBC News and has personally addressed over 350,000 in live audiences as well as millions more via radio and television during the past 35 years in this field.

Jeff speaks to conferences and conventions across the U.S., conducts onsite employee training programs as well as select continuing education events, and offers value-add events to companies seeking to go that extra mile to enhance their client relations. In the continuing education area alone, Jeff has been certified to speak within the legal, medical, financial, educational, insurance, human resource, risk management, and event management industries and has served as both material and expert witness in court cases where such issues have arisen.

While technology is ever-changing, human behavior is not and this is the perspective Jeff brings to the arena of data security, when people versus technologies are compromised and sensitive data is put at-risk. Over the years, he has summed up his message and mission by saying, "my goal is to help you spot trouble 'before' trouble spots you," and in today's world that is a message beneficial to us all, online as well as offline, and personally as well as professionally.