last updated 21 september

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What is LegalSEC Summit?

The LegalSEC Summit is two days all about security for legal.

Who should attend LegalSEC Summit?

LegalSEC Summit is designed for technology professionals at every level who manage security, governance, risk, and compliance in support of the practice of law.

When is LegalSEC Summit?

LegalSEC Summit will take place 21 and 22 October.

How will LegalSEC Summit be presented - in-person or digitally?

LegalSEC Summit will be 100% digital for 2021.

Where can I see an agenda and educational sessions?

What are the registration rates for LegalSEC Summit?

Members may register for $599 until September 30 ($699 Oct 1 through Oct 17); qualifying non-members may register for $699 until September 30 ($799 Oct 1 through Oct 17). Registration closes at end of day (central time) on Sunday 17 October.

Who may register for LegalSEC Summit?

ILTA Members and non-members are eligible to register for LegalSEC Summit. Non-members are those individuals who qualify for ILTA membership but haven't become members. Individuals with a business interest (consultants) must be ILTA 365 corporate sponsors and must purchase a digital booth space to participate in LegalSEC Summit.

When do registration rates for LegalSEC Summit increase?

Late registration fees will be in effect beginning October 1.

How do I register and pay for a group from my organization?

1. Email events@iltanet.org with the request to pay for a group of registrants from your organization on a single invoice or to purchase a Firm Pack.

2. Have each of your intended registrants access the registration page (must be logged in). Upon logging in, the registrant will be able to select the Register Now button to start the online registration process.

3. Have each registrant go through the process and select “Pay Later” at the end. Each registrant will be assigned a Registration submission number (REG-XXXXX). Once all registrants have completed the Registration Request, email events@iltanet.org with the names and registration ID numbers (we can look this information up) for everyone you would like on the group invoice. We will confirm the submissions, and we will issue an invoice (honoring any eligible discounts). Upon receipt of payment, registrations will be confirmed and email confirmations will be issued.

Timely and accurate submissions are very important. Any delays or inaccuracies could result in higher fees.

It is important to note that no registrations will be processed or confirmed until payment is received. All registrations must be complete by end of day 17 October 2021.

What if I need to cancel my registration?

Registrations are non-refundable. If you need to cancel please contact events@iltanet.org or via USPS to ILTA Event Cancellation 159 N. Sangamon, Suite 200 Chicago, IL 60607.

Where can I find more information about LegalSEC Summit registration?

English is not my first or primary language - will you offer foreign language translation?

The Boomset Platform used to deliver LegalSEC Summit has auto-captioning feature built in to deliver caption in over 70 languages.

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Where can I see what sponsorship opps are available?

Who can I contact with questions about sponsorship?

Email our Business Partner team at sponsor@iltanet.org with any questions about LegalSEC Summit sponsorship.

May I participate in LegalSEC Summit activities at the ILTA365 level?

Yes, sponsorship opportunities are open to ILTA Corporate Sponsors at the ILTA 365 level and above.

How many staff can we send?

Each LSS sponsor may have up to 7 digital badges. At least one of those badges much be allocated to the person setting up the digital exhibit space.

Will there be a digital exhibit hall?

Yes, each business partner will have a digital presence within the Boomset platform.

I received an email saying I could purchase an attendee list for LegalSEC Summit. Is that legitimate?

No! ILTA does not provide registration information to a third-party.