2021 Wrap Up

That's a wrap for ILTA's
LegalSEC Summit 2021!

21-22 OCTOBER 2021


Continuing to adapt to new opportunities has been the drumbeat of the last few years, LegalSEC 2021 was a wonderful example of that continuing trend. Personally, I don’t have LegalSEC experience outside of this year, but I have had lots of pilot programs going live in my career and all of 2020 and 2021 have felt like a pilot program.

The LegalSec committee and Co-Chairs came into the planning of this year’s conference with open minds and new ideas. It was such a learning experience and such a great pilot for a conference that could have been dry speakers reminiscent of Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day off. Instead, there were panels with interesting stories and perspectives from large and small firms, a game to help train your staff and the next generation of Security Technologists on incident management, great takeaways about the current state of ransomware bad actors (threat actors? What are we going with now?) and conversations between attendees that almost felt like being in person. Almost.

As we navigate the challenges of the last few years, the continued education you find at ILTA and at LegalSEC will be vital as how people work and where people work continue to evolve with the times. All of this change will determine where and how you keep their data safe as a Security Technologist. On behalf of myself and our Co-Chairs, Karen and Tash, thank you to our committee members, speakers, and attendees for this year’s LegalSEC successes. We hope to see you in person next year in San Antonio.


Kristina Wilkes

Education & Local Meetings Coordinator


keynote recap

Let's get real about Threat Intelligence

During the first day of the 2021 ILTA LegalSEC Summit Summit, Keynote speaker Kristy Westphal, a VP of Security Operations, took to the global, virtual stage.

With a packed agenda, she covered the broader “What is Threat Intelligence” topic, keying for how it can add value, what the future and current state of the threat landscape looks like, and what our ILTAns and their firms can do to leverage threat intelligence.

Let’s take a quick and very cursory dive into what she covered.

Access the Recordings

Registrants may visit the LegalSEC 2021 Online Community to find the session recordings and materials. 

Continue the Security Conversations

Interested in cybersecurity and security topics? ILTA has two online communities where active members and business partners can ask questions and collaborate in an effort to improve the security posture of the global legal community. Join one today and continue the important conversations you started during LegalSEC.

CISSP, CLE, and PMP Credits are available for self-reporting. Contact us if you need proof of attendance or other documentation.


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"Love the real-world experience that was shared. That, IMHO, is the real value of ILTA."

"This was a fantastic session with great takeaways and relevant talking points. The panelists were phenomenal."

"Very impressive ...and informative ...and frightening ...and worth every minute."

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